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Article: Edvard Munch, Andy Warhol and Van Gogh Art Comes Alive

Edvard Munch, Andy Warhol and Van Gogh art comes alive

Edvard Munch, Andy Warhol and Van Gogh Art Comes Alive

Coca-Cola's new ad, titled Masterpiece, is a brilliant branding masterpiece that takes viewers on a tour of some of the world's most famous paintings and sculptures. The ad features some of the greatest artists and artworks, including Edvard Munch's The Scream, Andy Warhol's A Coke is a Coke, and Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles, among others. 

The VFX team at Electric Theatre Collective and creative agency Blitzworks used a mix of live-action shots, digital effects, and AI to create the complex transitions and stunning visuals seen in the ad. Although some may criticize a soft drink brand for using famous works of art to promote its brand, the beauty of this new Coca-Cola ad lies in how, with each artwork passing on the drink's bottle, it transforms to match the style of the artist it passes from.

Unleashing Real Magic: Coca-Cola's Timeless Artworks

Coca-Cola has once again proved its knack for bringing magic to everyday moments through its latest global campaign, Masterpiece Art. This campaign features classic and contemporary artworks coming to life, transporting a lackluster art student from a boring museum to a world of creative possibilities.

With its Real Magic platform, Coca-Cola celebrates the power of uplifting refreshments in moments when people need them the most. The Masterpiece campaign features moving artworks, including Vincent Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles, Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring, Munch's The Scream, and Warhol's Coca-Cola.

Animating Artworks for a Creative Storyline

Animating Artworks for a Creative Storyline

The campaign begins with the protagonist art student, who is bored in a museum of classic and contemporary artworks. His art teacher checks on her students' progress in sketching, and she almost peeks at the protagonist's empty sketchbook. Suddenly, Aket's Divine Idyll wakes up from its pose and grabs Warhol's Coca-Cola off the canvas, beginning an exhilarating journey.

The painting chucks the Coke to a sailor inside Turner's The Shipwreck, who then flings the ice-cold bottle towards the floating lady in Kushwah's Falling in Library. She's about to pass it on to the next painting when she suddenly drops the bottle. Thankfully, Ramadan's The Blow Dryer springs to life, stretches her arm, and flings the bottle toward Munch's The Scream. The screaming man's reflex snags the Coke from hurling toward the sea but pauses as he gazes at the bottle in shock, perhaps from its sudden frosty temperature in his warm hand.

Coca-Cola as a Medium-Agnostic Muse

Coca-Cola as a Medium-Agnostic Muse

Pratik Thakar, Global Head of Creative Strategy and Integrated Content for Coca-Cola, says that Masterpiece isn't a story where Coke appears. "Coke is the story," he says. "True to the spirit of the brand, a diverse collection of artwork spanning multiple genres, geographies and generations comes together to uplift a slumping teenager. Creating human connection and bringing enchantment to everyday moments is what Real Magic is all about."

Coca-Cola has served as a medium-agnostic muse for decades, with artists reimagining its iconic bottle and brand attributes. Warhol's authentic celebration of work provided the jumping-off point for the film, which curates a creative collision of centuries of art movements and masters from the past and present.

Final Thoughts

Coca-Cola's Masterpiece campaign and commercial is a testament to the brand's ability to transcend traditional advertising and create an experience that connects with consumers on a deeper level. Through this campaign, the brand has successfully brought together timeless artworks and uplifting refreshments to inspire creativity and spark joy in everyday moments. Indeed, Coca-Cola's Real Magic continues to enchant and inspire, reminding us that the simplest things can bring the greatest joy.

Unleashing Real Magic: Coca-Cola's Timeless Artworks

This includes a moment when the character from Wonderbuhle's You Can’t Curse Me grabs the bottle and drops into the bed from Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, changing the visual language and tone. Coca-Cola has also curated the art used in the advert, as well as interviews with the featured contemporary artists, at its Masterpiece Gallery website. 

The campaign will not be restricted to the two-minute commercial but will also include 3D billboards and digital collectibles. As a way to celebrate art, this campaign is great, but as a way to introduce the world to new contemporary artists, Masterpiece is fantastic. If you're inspired by the work of contemporary artists like Wonderbuhle, Arket, Stefania Tejada, and Fatma Ramadan, then take a look at our guides to the best-colored pencils, the best watercolor paints, and the best art easels, and get painting.

The use of AI in the ad seems to have played a significant role in creating the complex transitions between the different paintings and sculptures. This showcases the potential for AI to be used in creative endeavors such as advertising, where it can help bring to life complex ideas and concepts.

However, the use of famous artworks to promote a soft drink brand might raise concerns for some people who believe that it is inappropriate to use art in this way. Others may see it as a clever marketing strategy that utilizes cultural references to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Regardless of one's views on the matter, the Coca-Cola Masterpiece campaign is undeniably visually stunning and has the potential to introduce viewers to new contemporary artists, as well as promoting the appreciation of classic works of art. In conclusion, while the use of AI in advertising may raise some ethical questions, the Coca-Cola Masterpiece ad shows that it can be used creatively to great effect.

The blending of classic and contemporary art, as well as the use of advanced technology, make this ad a true masterpiece.

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